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Sooo, once upon a time I decided I wanted to learn how to use copics… but since I’ve never been very confident about it, and most of all, since I couldn’t afford to spend money on them, I decided to start buying only three shades of grey (lol, way to go to fifty) in order to try and learn at least the dynamics of blending and stuff…. of course, I never did, and I just remembered to have them yesterday, when I decided I was going to use them instead of watercolours on the Inavesu page I was working on….
well, they’re just scary if I can say so ;___;

and it also means that if the book will ever be finished, it will look like a patchwork of different styles and things u__u”

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    You did well. I am currently experimenting with markers, too. I could not afford the copics. I have some Spectrum Noir...
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    Looks wonderful, though. :D
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